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8 Tips about Smart LED Quality Checking by Eyes You Should Know


Smart led lighting is becoming more and more popular in worldwide because it is not only green, energy saving and with long lifetime as traditional Led lighting, but also because it is more convenient and user friendly. Same as other products, smart led quality is the key point to be considered by customers.


How do you know smart Led quality by eyes if you don it have any professional tools beside you? Normal led lighting is the base of smart led lighting, so quality of led lighting is one of the base of smart led quality.  And here are 8 tips for checking quality of the base:

1. Packing & trade mark. Voltage, voltage range, power, power range must be printed on LED light. And usually, high quality products are with nice printing as well—-clear enough to read, not removable by wet cloth and with manufacturer is trade mark and necessary certificate.

2. Appearance of light. The light should be without any crack, loose and no any mark of re-work.

3. If the light is with vinyl cover, you should take care about the raw material——–must be anti-fire engineering plastic which surface is similar with mat glass.

4. High quality led lighting is with low temperature because high temperature will reduce led light is lifetime.

5. Check the brightness by eyes. With same specification, higher brightness means better quality.

6. If led light twinkles rapidly when it is turned on / off, you should double check the quality of the light.

7. Check the electromagnetic compatibility of led light by working sound. An easy way to check this is putting a radio with medium and short wave besides a working Led light. The lower noisy received by the radio, the better the Led light is.

What is more, listen to the working sound of Led light which works in silent environment to check whether there is a noisy. Usually, noisy means the driver is not so good.

8. The voltage of Led light should be no bigger than voltage of the driver. Check the label or print on led lighting and driver, you will know it is correct thing or not.

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