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How to Choose Smart Led Bulb with Speaker?



Smart led bulb speaker is an entry level product of home automation, which has very bright future. You could turn on / off light, adjust brightness and change light colors from your mobile by APP if you have a smart Led bulb. Moreover, with built-in speaker, you could enjoy music or have party easily at home with a smart led bulb as it could twinkle according to music rhythm likes a disco ball.

Smart Tiger smart led bulb with speaker

How to choose a smartLed bulb speaker? Following tips may help you:

1.Is it based on Wifi Bluetooth or ZigBee? Different platform has its own features and way of connection. Currently, Bluetooth is wildly used in smart lighting area. It is easy to be connected if your mobile or tablet PC has Bluetooth.

Most Bluetooth led speaker bulb is with Bluetooth 4.0. Therefore it could work with most devices even it is with Bluetooth 2.0.


2. Specifications of smart speaker bulb are important, such as voltage, power, brightness, style, raw material etc. From voltage and style of the bulb, you could know whether it is suitable for your market. And from other features, you could know quality of the bulb.


Smart led Bulb APP3. APP itself. There are some aspects you should consider: how to get at any where, easy to use, stable and could be used by most mobile device.

Convenient is the key feature of smart lighting, if the APP is too complicated, it is almost no sense.





4. Is it could be installed easily? Easy to be installed is a good reason to push people to replace their normal bulb by a smart speaker bulb.


Smart Tiger smart led bulb speaker5. Sound quality. As a smart speaker bulb, music is the other main element besides lighting. Thus, sound quality is so important that you should not ignore.


6. Light color. Most smart speaker bulb has multi light colors. You could choose any color easily by your mobile from APP to create different atmosphere. If the color is bad, it is bad for all.


7. Size of the smart speaker bulb. Application range of the bulb depends on its measurement. If it is too big, maybe it is not suitable for most lamp cover.



Smart Tiger smart Speaker bulb