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VR Headset for 3D Video & Games

VR headset is an easy-to-use and affordable platform to 3D pictures, videos and games by combing with your smartphone. It could expand your vision and offer more exciting experience to end users. Just slip your compatible smartphone into VR headset tray to give you access to immersive 3D videos, games, and augmented reality.


There are different models for your options, tradional and new, based on different cost. The lightest one is about 300g to enhance comfort.

VR Headset for smart phone 4-6 inch

. 2D and 3D Photos, Videos, and Games

. Works with Smartphone from 4 inch to 6 inch

. Connects Directly to Smartphone

. Apparent Distance Adjustment to make it compatible for myopic people up to 600 degree

VR Headset for 3D game

. Interpupillary Distance Adjustment to make it compatible for people with different vision of each eye

VR Headset for 3D video


.Remote Controller is Optional

The remote controller for Virtual Reality Headset is with bluetooth 3.0, easy to operate by both hands. It works with AAA battery, and duration up to one year.

Virtual Reality Headset bluetooth controller for 3D game