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How to take flawless Selfie?

We are living in a selfie age. More and more people take selfie and upload on to Facebook, Instagram to show their life, individuality. And even a lot of companies advertise their brand or products by uploading selfie on to SNS platform. But don't... Read More

VR Headset for 3D Video & Games

VR headset is an easy-to-use and affordable platform to 3D pictures, videos and games by combing with your smartphone. It could expand your vision and offer more exciting experience to end users. Just slip your compatible smartphone into VR headse... Read More

How to Choose Smart Led Bulb with Speaker?

    Smart led bulb speaker is an entry level product of home automation, which has very bright future. You could turn on / off light, adjust brightness and change light colors from your mobile by APP if you have a smart Led bulb. M... Read More

Smart Tiger Bluetooth LED Speaker Lamp S11

Smart Tiger Bluetooth lED Speaker Lamp S11 is a Led light with speaker which could be controlled by APP from your mobile. With Bluetooth 4.0, you could enjoy turn on / off your light without get up from coach or bed. Automatically off make you... Read More

Five features of good promotional items

Promotional items are wildly used by many companies. It is a giveaway product which is used as a vehicle for propaganda. So, what kind of feature it should has?   First, there must be somewhere to print logo. Company or brand logo is a icon ... Read More

What is 3D Printing Pen?

Do you know this Micky Mouse in the picture was made by what? By the 3D printing pen beside it! And the stereo butterfly also was printed by the magic pen.   What 3D Printing Pen is? It is a pen similar to a 3D printer and is... Read More

new led desk lamp in book shape

  Would like to find an innovative desk lamp? Led desk lamp in book shape is a good choice. It is a good lamp for you and a good gift for your friends as well. For sure you will be surprised by it: looks like a book, but it is a lamp in deed. Ima... Read More

New smart music lamp with human body induction

Technology bring more possibility to life,and make life be more convenient. Human body induction is a technique which is wildly used in many area. Smart music lamp with human body induction is a new product of smart tiger. It is a lamp with Blueto... Read More

Smart Tiger APP for Smart Music Lamp is Online

  Smart Tiger APP for smart music lamp is online now. Users could search by "Music lamp", " music light", "magic lamp", "magic light" to find the APP in Apple store.           For Android vers... Read More

Smart Tiger new bluetooth led with speaker released

  Smart Tiger new Bluetooth led with speaker is a new white-headed boy of Led lighting. Same as traditional LED lighting, smart led mood lighting is energy saving, long life, and safe. Moreover, its more convenient and comfortable for end users b... Read More
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