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Bluetooth Bulb Led Lighting Controlled by APP with Mesh


Bluetooth bulb led lighting controlled by APP is new and creative. People know that things controlled by APP are smart and convenient to use because it could be controlled remotely by cell phone. What you could do remotely to a Bluetooth bulb led lighting with APP controlled?

. turn on/ off

.change mode (white or RGB)

. change color under RGB mode

. adjust light brightness

bluetooth bulbs led lighting controlled by APP

Bluetooth bulb with Mesh, it’s advance version of normal Bluetooth bulb. What’s new you will get from it if with Mesh?

bluetooth bulbs with mesh used for office 

.Longer working distance

Because only one Bluetooth bulb is directly connected with smart phone, bulbs will repeat signal of another bulb, which will increase the working distance greatly.


.Less blind area

Via signal repeat, even area behind wall can be covered


.Unlimited number

In theory, it can connect unlimited number of Bluetooth led bulbs at the same time, but for easy operation, we limit that our app access up to 32 Bluetooth bulbs.


. Control different quantity of Bluetooth bulbs at same time

Each Bluetooth bulb of Mesh network can connect to one smart phone, all of them can control the Bluetooth bulb of this Mesh network. Thus, you could choose how many bulbs to be controlled as same time by one operation on cell phone:

1.control each Bluetooth bulb separately

2. control one Bluetooth bulb or all these 32 led bulbs at same time

3. the coolest thing is to control a group of led bulbs at same time

You could choose some Bluetooth bulbs from 32 to make up a group, for example, divide the 32 Bluetooth bulbs into 4 groups according to area, then you could control one area’s lighting by only one operation on cell phone.