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Bluetooth speaker bulb controlled by APP


Bluetooth speaker bulb is a new bulb which combines an energy efficient smart LED light bulb together with Bluetooth speaker in one product. Therefore, with a Bluetooth speaker bulb, you could get green lighting together with music. And the most convenient thing is that these all could be controlled by APP from your mobile phone.


Things of internet are becoming more and more hot as it changes people’s life. Bluetooth speaker bulb is one of small but important component of things of internet.


Smart Tiger bluetooth speaker bulb


What you could get from a Bluetooth speaker bulb?

. Green led lighting with long time life time as normal Bluetooth bulb

. Color changing lighting,  256,000 colors for options

. Bluetooth speaker which could play music

.Convenient to be controlled by cell phone such as iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, or iPad, or any Android tablets

. Timer on / off —-if you set timer on app, light could be on to give you a warm and bright home



What could be customized?

. Logo on the bulb

. Giftbox, user manual

. Style: E27 / B22

. APP is developed by Smart Tiger so that it is easy to customized, including revise APP name, language and UI .



Where do end users could download the APP?

. iOS: search in APP store by keywords “music lamp” ” music light” “magic lamp” “magic light” to find and download the APP

. Android: search in Google Play store by “magic lamp”

. QR code on giftbox is available as well

Smart Bluetooth Bulb APP