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Ultrasonic Air Purify Humidifier & Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser


Smart Tiger Air purify humidifier S900

                        Smart Tiger Air purify humidifier S900


. Unique and compact design, add water from top, easy to operate

. Super humidification, 3 level for options
. Floor lamp
. Super quiet

. air purify
. Warm white LED light
. Touch key
. Timer
. Intelligent thermostat
. Anion (optional)
. Capacity: 2.5L
. Sizes:  Body: 242 * 194mm Stand: 236mm

. Intelligent humidity control:

Theintelligent humidity control and the touch key indicator will star-up once the device is switched on. The spray will reduce when the humidity is higher than 65%, while the spray will increase when the humidity is lower than 45%.






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