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Innovative Led Desk Lamp in Book Shape


Led desk lamp in book shape is an innovative desk lamp. It is special, beautiful, and more interesting. It’s a good choice for yourself or to be as a gift for friends. Imaging when your friends open the book but found it is a lamp, how surprised they will be.

For companies, led desk lamp in book shape is a good advertiser which will not be throw alway easily or putted in coner. People will use it almost every day, that means your logo and advertising are there to remind your clients every day.

led desk lamp in book shape

innovative led desk lamp in book shape (1)

. Turn on light by opening book, turn off the light by closing the book. Moreover, brightness will change according to the level of the opening.

innovative led desk lamp change color

. Led lighting: 3000K warm white light to give you suitable lighting, make your room warm and comfortable.

. Colorful light: red, blue and green light for your options. Light color could be easily changed by opening and closing the book.

innovative desk lamp in book shape 2 . 360  turning to get any shape

innovative desk lamp in book shape 3





. specifications

battery: built-in 3.7v 1000mAh rechargable battery

work time: about 5-6 hours

charge time: about 3-4 hours by USB

light color: warm white,red, blue, green

power: 2w

lumen: 350

. color temperature: 3000K

raw material: PU + kraft paper

size: two sizes for option, 22*16*2.5cm / 14.7*11*2.5cm