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Smart Mood lighting Control by Mobile Phone


Do you ever think about that light could be controlled by mobile phone, change to any color you like, and play music at the same time? Smart mood lighting is amazing as it could make these covered.

Smart Tiger mood lighting could make your room more brilliant to fit your emotion by right light color, plus great music, no matter in bedroom, coffee shop, etc.


smart led mood lighting for kids


Smartphone APP controlled mood lightingAPP remote control (iOS /Android available)

.make the lamp on/off

.change color (white or RGB)

.play music from mobile or TF card

.make your wake-up in the morning easier by soft alarm clock with light only or light plus music

.have party easily in your room by making light change color and twinkling according to the music rhythm

.multi-languages supported, customized APP interface is available


Safe & interesting accompaniment

smart mood lighting is with soft silicon cover.Eat-grade silicon lamp cover

Different from traditional lamp, Smart Tiger smart mood lighting use eat-grade silicon lamp cover to get softness touch experience. Furthermore, silicon cover make the lamp heat insulated and lights gentle, so that it is safe and friendly.


Smart Tiger mood lighting is touch responsive.Tapping responsive makes it funny

With tapping responsive function, you could turn on/off or dim this mood lighting by touching. Gentle tapping on soft silicon lamp cover is not only a creative control way but also an interesting experience.


.Enjoy music with surprisingly satisfying sound

Nice bass performance and low frequency performance ensure extraordinary sound quality. Surprisingly satisfying music is a good helper to fit any emotional need.


Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity

blue tooth controlled mood lighting.Share music from mobile phone, iPad, notebook, and TV

Stable connection by Bluetooth 4.0, up to 10 meters fast transmission, easily share music with your friends & family


mood lighting used for hands-free call.Free your hands from phone call & protect you free from hurt

When a call comes, Smart Tiger mood lighting could become loudspeaker plus microphone, so that your hands could be free. However, it will protect you from radiation as no need to put your head close to phone.

Moreover, it could enlarge the voice for special needs.


.Nice stand of your mobile phone or tablet

Release some air from the lamp cover, this mood lighting could be nice stand for your mobile phone or tablet when watch movie.

This special stand could be loud speaker of your device and protect your eyes during night.


Go anywhere with you

With built-in lithium battery and legerity in shape, Smart Tiger mood lighting could go anywhere with you, indoor or outdoor. It could create any atmosphere you like easily.

This mood lighting is nice gift for kids, for parents, friends, and your lovers.

It is a new lover of home decoration and advertising display as well.

mood lighting be used as beside light