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How to take flawless Selfie?

We are living in a selfie age. More and more people take selfie and upload on to Facebook, Instagram to show their life, individuality. And even a lot of companies advertise their brand or products by uploading selfie on to SNS platform. But don’t just point your camera at your face and take a shot without planningai, there’s an art to taking selfies which could get most likes.


1.Find the best lighting. There is nothing worse than having a huge shadow cast over your face,” says photographer and style blogger Candice Lake. Besides on choosing the right time, you need a tool—–selfie ring light which could offer you perfect light anytime anywhere.

Smart Tiger Selfie ring light from iPhone

2.Flash a real smile and no image will look bad. Smile could make people be more comfortable so that they will like a selfie with smiling face rather than sad one.


3. Try more to find the best angle. Most people are not professional photographer, so you need to take more selfie at least about 6 to find out the best angel.


4. Focus on one feature.If you’re planning on doing a closeup of your face, consider glam up one feature while downplaying the others. This works especially well if there is one feature that you are especially pleased with.


5. Consider your background.The best selfies have either interesting backgrounds (Oh, you’re just casually selfie-ing while skydiving? Great.) or really, really simple ones. The middle ground is what’s deadly. And beware of photo-bombers.  Selfie light could help to you to light up your background if you like it or make it dark if you don it like.

Smart Tiger Selfie ring light from mobile



Smart Tiger Selfie ring light with clip


6. Know which poses are popular.There are certain selfie poses that became wildly popular and are now well past their prime. You can still contribute your own examples to the mix, but do it with a little self-awareness so people know you’re in on the joke. Notable choices include the infamous “duck face,” muscle flexing, pretending to be asleep, or pretending to be caught off guard by someone else.